11.04.1966 Palais Montcalm Quebec
Schumann: Sinfonie Nr. 4
Ravel: Rhapsodie espagnole
Prokofjeff: Romeo und Julia (Auszüge)

La gazette 16. April 1966
Jacob Siskind, Kritiker der Montreal Gazette, der eine Woche lang sämtlichen Proben beiwohnte schrieb in der Gazette: "What was the most exciting to hear was the transparency of the sound. Even in the softest passages every note was clear. And some of the passages were so quiet that I could not believe my ears. I did not know that orchestras other than the Boston and the Philadelphia were capable of producing such breathtaking sounds ... Amazingly, by Monday morning the orchestra had been transformed ... Never had I heard these pieces played in this way, never had they been interpreted with such utter conviction. Never. ... As I watched Celibidache drink in the applause for a few seconds at the end of the symphony [Schumann], I knew that something had happened to him during the performance. The feeling that something great had been accomplished pervaded the hall. ... Something had happened to musical life in Quebec City."



20.04.1966 St. Roch Church Quebec
21.04.1966 Place des Arts Montreal
Mozart: Sinfonie Nr. 41 Jupiter
Mozart: Requiem
QSO Choir
Pierrette Alarie, Sopran
Rèjane Cardinal, Alt
Léopold Simoneau, Tenor
Gaston Germain, Bass

Montreal Star 22. April 1966
Eric McLean, Kritiker der Montreal Star, schrieb: "I have never heard a performance in which both the spirit and the letter of the text were followed quite so closely. ...The choir responded admirably. ... This was great conducting, and an unforgettable experience for both the audience and those who took part in the performance."


03.10.1966 Palais Montcalm Quebec
04.10.1966 Rimouski
11.10.1966 Trois-Rivières
Beethoven: Sinfonie Nr. 6
Debussy: "Nuages et Fêtes" aus Nocturnes
Strawinsky: Der Feuervogel


11.10.1966 Trois-Rivières
Symphonische Matinee für die Jugend
Beethoven: Sinfonie Nr. 6
Paisiello: Klavierkonzert
Strawinsky: Der Feuervogel
Guy Rocheleau - Klavier


13.10.1966 Palais Montcalm Quebec
Brahms: Variationen über ein Thema von Haydn
Beethoven: Sinfonie Nr. 6


16.10.1966 Capitol Quebec
Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 9
Brahms: Variationen über ein Thema von Haydn
Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé, 2. Suite

Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph,
17. Oktober 1966
The great Celibidache has left his mark on Quebec. There is no doubt of this maestro's talent after the magnificant concert last night at the Capitol Theatre. The Quebec Symphony Orchestra has never been better....a concert which will certainly prove to be one of the most memorable musical evenings Quebec has ever enjoyed.


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation hat am 12. Februar 1967 eine Fernsehaufnahme von Sergiu Celibidache und dem Quebec Symphony Orchestra mit Prokofjeffs Romeo und Julia gesendet.


Ich danke Bertrand Guay, der anläßlich des 100jährigen Bestehens des Quebec Symphony Orchestra im Jahr 2002 ein Buch herausgegeben hat, für seine ausführlichen Informationen. Er hat mein Archiv mit vielen Zeitungsberichten und Kritiken in englischer und französischer Sprache bereichert. Merci Bertrand Guay!